Efficient production of raw sausage with maximum product safety.

The WK98 grinding head systems from FREY are designed to be used as attachments in conjunction with FREY vacuum stuffers. 
They open up a new dimension in the production of raw sausage and coarse products.

Through the FREY vane cell feed system, the product is evacuated and simultaneously fed continuously to the cutting set in the grinder.
This shortens the maturing process and production times.

  • Simple operation
  • The WK98 settings are made on the TC266 or TC733 stuffer control.
  • The parameters for the WK98 are automatically saved with the filling program.

The product is ground to its final grain size before entering the filling tube. This results in significantly higher product quality with respect to the finish and hygiene. The usual temperature increase and contamination during the downtimes is reduced. Optimum product quality through FREY vacuum stuffer in the SA or WK version required, with modular WK98 minced meat line WK98 + CLPS320 The line can also be combined with a tray dispenser or retracting belts.

  • In conjunction with BAS02/SA or KAS, also suitable for linking.
  • Automated minced meat production
  • Highest portioning accuracy and quality
  • Hygienic production in conjunction with tray dispenser because the product is not touched
  • Cutting of product with the paper/film
  • Belt speeds infinitely variable via TC control
  • Optional: Tray loader/checkweigher/inline checkweigher
  • Optional: Cutting attachment for freeflow E130 cutting plate

WK98 Art. no. A28 000 005.00


PDF download (WK98_WK132 - EN.pdf)


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