2nd generation - optimal forming process for doner slices

The KLB40 is an attachment for producing precisely defined doner slices. Thanks to programmable control technology, doner slices can be portioned and formed in different, defined diameters and thicknesses one after another and in the required quantity.

  • Uniform and precisely formed doner slices
  • Patented, filling pressure-controlled forming of the slices
  • Patented doner slices in variable, defined diameters and thicknesses can be produced one after another and in the required quantity
  • Slice diameter from 100 to 400 mm; slice thickness from min. 12 to max. 90 mm
  • Intelligent, servo motor-controlled lifting and lowering movement of the lifting table
  • Precision bearing-guided movement of the cutting blades
  • High-Line-controlled conveyor belt
  • Conveyor belt can be detached without tools
  • Cutting blades can be exchanged without tools
  • Hygienic design
  • Conveyor belt length TB210/40 variable

Technical data KLB 40:

Power rating approx 3,5 kW
Slice diameter approx. 100 – 400mm
Slice height 12 mm - max. 90 mm
Speed max. max. 40 Port./min.
Compressed air connection max. 6 bar
Air consumption max. max. 40 Port./min 192sl
Weight 510 kg



PDF download (KLB40_EN2.pdf)

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