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FREY – Always by your side - even in difficult times!

Dear business partner, the Corona virus currently is dominating our lives.

It does not only restrict our private life, but does also have consequences for our everyday business and puts us all to the test.

Very important for us is: To be your reliable and competent partner!

We take the Corona pandemic very seriously. Currently we are doing everything possible to deal with the present situation carefully, well-thought and with great foresight. It is important for us to protect our colleagues and customers and to be prepared for all further eventualities.

All further action is to secure a smooth operation within our company: our supply chains run reliably and are permanently supervised. The production, the spare parts supply as well as the scheduled and reliable deliveries of our machines are continuously guaranteed.

In order to ensure the smooth operation in your company our service and application engineers are still there for you in case of a machine breakdown or serious problems affecting your production. Those operations are not affected by imposed protective measures but, as the borders are closed, currently only possible within Germany. Our perfectly trained partners around the globe guarantee the usual technical support as well as the availability of spare parts for you on site in order to maintain the reliable FREY service. Please do not hesitate to contact us or our partners by telephone or e-mail at any time.

Our new customer and technology center was completed in March, however all events and trainings have been postponed due to the current circumstances.

The situation all over the world develops further every day. Our goal is to always keep you updated and to master the present demanding everyday life together!

We thank you for your trust: Get through this challenging time well and stay healthy.

Heinrich Frey Maschinenbau GmbH