Oscar 20 piston stuffer + Burger Head for semi-industrial hamburger production.

Extend your stuffer’s capability and turn it into a hamburger machine with the BH4 Burger Head.

  • Produces up to 1,000 burgers an hour.
  • All burgers are of the same shape and size, guaranteeing consistent product quality.
  • Simple assembly, operation and cleaning make your production process really easy.
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Minimal acquisition costs
  • Available for 58 and 73mm flange
  • Incl. 1 standard shape in the starter kit

Target groups
Burger Head is the practical solution for large and small butcher’s shops, butchers chains, restaurant chains, snack suppliers, catering businesses, commercial kitchens and much more.

Various shapes
Various standard forming plates are available.
Special shapes also possible on request. Product changeover is easy, just change the forming plates.

Automatic portioning machines
The BH4 Burger Head can also be used in conjunction with automatic portioning machines such as our Kompakta 2-30 or with F-Line vacuum stuffers. This further automates the production process and the desired filling weight can be set on the stuffer.

BH4 Art- Nr. 98 001 200


PDF download (Burger Head - EN.pdf)


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